Andrew Garcia and grandson Elmer Butterfly Garcia

The Tewa Dancers from the North, Buffalo Dance

Rey Ann Nastacio and Dorea Garcia, with Buffalo Dancer


The documentary “Dancing from the Heart,” centering on Andrew Garcia of Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico, and his family dance group, the Tewa Dancers from the North, gives the audience a close-up view of the historically mysterious and magnetic Pueblo culture and dance, as represented by a vibrant young family. Andrew Garcia, as unscripted, impassioned guide, shows how he gained his knowledge from his grandfather, who was head of the sacred koshare (clown) clan, and how he hands on the traditions to his children and grandchildren. Mr. Garcia’s own struggle to escape his youthful problems was the spur that led him to provide cultural support to young people, and gives his embrace of the dances an edge of poignant immediacy. THE FILM IS NOW REVISED AND ENTIRELY RE-EDITED WITH THE RENOWNED VETERAN EDITOR OF PUBLIC TELEVISION DANCE AND MUSICAL DOCUMENTARIES, GIRISH BHARGAVA. At 44 minutes in length, it concentrates on the dance and culture of Ohkay Owingeh/San Juan Pueblo, presented, as before, by Andrew Garcia and his Tewa Dancers from the North. More extensive dance sequences are complemented by Andrew Garcia's performance of one of his own compositions, a Buffalo Dance Song.

“Dancing from the Heart” is recommended for educational, cultural and home-viewing purposes: Native American Studies, cultural history and understanding, and dance history. It is suitable for audiences of all ages. For the earlier 2004 version of the documentary, well suited to youth work and addiction rehabilitation counseling (counselors and clients), please contact us.

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